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Create high-quality, thorough, and shareable reports from Rabbet with one click

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Project Reports in Rabbet are a simple and effective way to immediately pull all of your important project update information found within a draw into a single, high-quality, shareable report downloaded straight from your Rabbet account.

If you don't see a Project Report in your account, please contact our Customer Success team at

Getting Started

Once our standard Project Report template has been added your account, you will find the link to download under the Download option within the Draw Overview tab.

The report gives a high-level summary of various key data in the project and the draw. There are also standard Draw Assessment fields that may be configured on or off that can be found and filled out also on the Draw Overview tab, comment section, Draw Assessment.

These Draw Assessment Questions may be turned on or off under Project Settings > Form Configurations.

If you're interested in customizing any of the fields or assessment questions in your report template, contact

Generating the Report

Once your draw has been finalized, your Project Report will be able to pull in various information summarizing your draw, such as:

  • amounts requested by budget division

  • any budget adjustments

  • percentage complete and remaining

  • drawn to date values

  • any site images

  • any change orders

Once the report gets generated, any missing information can easily be corrected by editing or updating the appropriate field in your Rabbet draw and re-downloading the report.

Because the report is generated into a .docx file, you can easily customize your report by adding any other information you want included, before saving as a .pdf.

For any questions on further customizing this report for your company or project's needs, as well as other reporting solutions Rabbet can provide, contact

For more on Project Reports in Rabbet, be sure to check out our webinar on Project Reporting.

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