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Invoice Summary Tab
Invoice Summary Tab

Easily cross-reference and assign your draw's invoices by using the 'Invoice Summary' tab.

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An ‘Invoice Summary’ usually gets included in your borrower’s draw package. These documents briefly outline helpful information regarding the supporting draw documentation such as:

  • Vendor

  • Budget Line Item

  • Amount Due on Invoice

Rabbet provides an 'Invoice Summary' tab in the document review screen for more efficient invoice review. Having an Invoice Summary here in your document review allows you to easily toggle back and forth between the invoice and the draw’s Invoice Summary so that each invoice can quickly be assigned to its proper line item in the budget.

How to View Your Invoice Summary During Document Review

Navigate to the ‘Documents’ tab of your current draw, and find the Invoice Summary document.

Upon downloading and splitting the draw package, the Invoice Summary should have been split into its own single document that can be found in your draw documents table.

If you still do not see your Invoice Summary, it is possible that the document was not split properly upon uploading the original draw package. See this article on adding documents to a draw for more help on document splitting.

Click to open the Invoice Summary document, and select ‘Invoice Summary’ as the document type from the drop down menu under ‘Document Information’. Be sure to ‘Save’ when finished.

Your Invoice Summary document should now appear in the ‘Invoice Summary’ tab when viewing invoices in this draw.

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