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The Borrower Portal is a convenient way for lenders to provide a fast and organized place for borrowers to upload project documents and submit draws for funding.

Once the project has been created it is time to add stakeholders and provide access to the Borrower Portal for your borrower. This will be done in Project Setting > Stakeholders.

In the Stakeholders view you will add the organization and select their role. If the organization is not already in your drop down option you can add a new organization using the 'Add Organization' button.

It is important to use the same organization for borrowers that will be invited to multiple project. This will allow the borrower to see all their active loans through one log in. Example, if Rabbet has 4 active loans with your company, you would add the Rabbet org to the 4 projects and invite specific users as needed.

After you have added the organization you will need to add a member from that organization to receive log in credentials to access the borrower portal. This is done by selecting add new member then add their name and contact information.

After completing adding the organization and member select the organization role as borrower in the drop down menu. Then toggle on access to 'Borrower Experience.'

Once these changes have been saved an email will be sent to the assigned organization's member. They will receive an email that will link the user to creating their log in credentials to the project.

Once the users credentials have been established they will log into the home page where they can see only the projects they have access to work on.

From the home page the borrower will create a new draw in order to upload documentation to submit for funding.

Once the draw is created the user will have 4 options for document type to upload. Draw Summary, Pay Application & Lien Waivers, Invoices, and any other documents.

After uploading the appropriate documentation the user will input the requested amount for the draw and can enter any notes that are needed than click submit. The draw will display as submitted. Once funded the Will show as funded here for the borrower.

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