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Tacking what status your draw is in provides up to date details to your organization on how draws are progressing and allows for draws to be "locked" to certain users once a draw status has been selected.

To update the draw status select the drop down option. Available statuses are,

Active- The draw is open for edits and currently being worked

Paused- The draw will be locked from edits displaying the date the status was updated

Withdrawn- The draw will be locked with date of status updated

Rejected- The draw will be locked with date of status updated

Funded- The draw will be locked with date of status updated

When a draw is marked paused, withdrawn, or rejected this will pause the draw processing time calculation report. For example is a draw is marked pause for 3 days then those 3 days will not be calculated in the draw processing time.

Active is the default status when a draw is created. Once a status is updated it will lock the draw and display the date the draw status has been changed.

You can select and update the date when changing the draw status.

The Draw status and date will display on the project home page draw tiles.

Draw Status Updates

There are times where you may need to adjust a draw status date and you may receive the following message "Selected date must be on or after the last draw status change on XX/XX/XXX" To adjust this you can remove the prior status change dates. Simply select 'Edit' then delete to revert back to a previous status or remove all.


For user to be allowed to edit the status of a draw they will need to have the "Edit Draw Status" permission toggled on. If "Edit Draw Status" is not on users can still view the draw and the status of the draw but will be unable to edit draw status or unlock a draw once the status has been changed from active.

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