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Anticipated Cost Reporting

Reviewing available columns within Rabbet's "Anticipated Cost Report"

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Rabbet's default "Anticipated Cost Report" view has a number of columns available that will allow you to forecast your project's anticipated costs across the life of the job.

To access this default view within your project's budget, navigate to the Project > Budget > Anticipated Cost Report, as shown below:

Within this view you would notice (6) default columns available for your use, those are detailed below:

  • Committed = The sum of all agreements (contracts, executed change orders, addendums & work authorizations)

  • Uncommitted = Current Budget - Committed

  • PCOs & Exposures = The sum of all Exposures and Potential Change Orders

  • Out of Contract = The sum of Invoice amounts not fully tracked to Agreements (For more information on tracking costs to your agreements, see this article)

  • Anticipated Budget = ( Greater of [ Current Budget ] or [ Committed Costs ] ) + PCOs & Exposures + Out of Contract

  • Budget Overages = Current Budget - Anticipated Budget

  • Anticipated Expenditures =

    (If Current Budget is > -1 then max of (Current Budget or sum of (Committed, PCOs & Exposures, Out of Contract) or sum of (Amount Requested (Gross), PCOs & Exposures))


    (If Current Budget is <-1 then min of (Current Budget or sum of (Committed, PCOs & Exposures, Out of Contract) or sum of (Amount Requested (Gross), PCOs & Exposures))

  • Expenditure Overages = Current Budget - Anticipated Expenditures

In addition to these (6) default columns, Rabbet allows you to add additional applicable ACR columns into your own customized view. If you need a refresher on how to create & manage your customized views, please refer to the article below:

After you have navigated to the "Customize Columns" button, you will be able to search for the following available ACR columns:

  • Balance to Fund = Current Budget - Amount Requested (Net

  • Anticipated Costs = Committed + PCOs & Exposures + Out of Contract

  • Anticipated Balance Remaining = Current Budget - Anticipated Costs

  • Exposures = The sum of all Exposures

  • PCOs = The sum of all Potential Change Orders

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