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Document Collection from 3rd Parties
Document Collection from 3rd Parties

Create a shareable link to allow Non-Rabbet users to upload documents to a project instead of tracking PDF invoices in your email.

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Navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab within the project for which you want non-Rabbet users to directly upload documents.

The last setting on this tab is called 'Sharing'. Click on the setting name to open the drop down. 

Toggle ON the 'Link Sharing' button. Click 'Save Changes'.

A link that can be shared with 3rd parties will then appear. Simply copy/paste the link into the message that you send to the 3rd party.

When a document is uploaded to the project via the link, the document will appear in the project-level 'Documents' tab.

*Note that documents uploaded via the shared link will not automatically assign to a draw. Please read this article for instructions on assigned documents 

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