1. After logging into Rabbet and landing on the portfolio page, click on your username (email) to open the drop down menu and select 'Notifications'. 

2. Toggle ON/OFF notification settings to configure the email messages that you receive from Rabbet. 

Description of 'Notifications' applicable to all users

Documents finished processing - notification will be sent once uploaded documents have completed the classification and data extraction process and are ready for your review.
Draw submitted
- a confirmation will be sent after successfully completing the 'Send Draw' process and the draw is sent to the recipient.
Draw submission updated - notification will be sent when a draw package is changed and submitted after the draw package has already been sent at least once before.
Monthly Activity Summary -
receive a monthly summary of the activities that have occurred on all projects for your organization.

For Lenders only
Send me an email if I have not imported a sent draw for -
notification will be sent if a developer/borrower has submitted a draw that you have not imported into Rabbet.

Description of 'Notifications' applicable to draw reviewers only

Draw approved - with this turned on, you will receive a notification when another reviewer approves a draw that you are also a reviewer on.  
Review reset -
notification will be sent to all reviewers on a project when a change to the draw package resets the prior approval(s) by the reviewer(s). To reset prior approvals, the user must bypass warning messages and will be alerted that this email will be triggered. We recommend leaving this turned on for all users.
Send me an email if I have a draw pending for -
notification will be sent to a project reviewer if he or she hasn't approved a draw that was created a specified number of days prior.
Send me an email if I have not received a draw for -
notification will be sent to a project reviewer to remind them that they should have received a draw request within the designated time frame. 

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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