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Receiving Multi-Org Invitations as a Current User
Receiving Multi-Org Invitations as a Current User

Rabbet allows current users to be added to multiple organizations for greater visibility and collaboration

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This article shows you how to accept an invitation to be added to another organization on Rabbet if you are already a Rabbet user.

Once the admin for the other account has added you to their project, you will receive an email from Open the email and click the 'Log In and Accept' button.

Are you an admin who needs to invite a third party to access your project on Rabbet? See our article on Third Party Access.

When you log into Rabbet, you will immediately be prompted to accept your new organization's invitation to their project. Click 'Accept'.

You will now see all of the projects for all of the different organizations you have been given access to displayed on your Portfolio 'Home' screen.

Now, when viewing your 'Organizations' or 'Reports' in your Rabbet account, you have the ability to select the organization you'd like to view by selecting from the 'Viewing projects for:' drop-down menu.

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