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Setting Up Draw Approvals
Setting Up Draw Approvals

Rabbet will keep track of all approvals and pending issues to streamline internal workflows.

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Managing your team's draw review process in Rabbet will help your team stay organized, delivering faster payments and a better experience for your borrower.

Set Up the Approvers

Under Project Settings > User Access within your project, you are able to set the users in your account as either a 'Draw Reviewer' or the final 'Signatory'.

  • Suggested Document Assignee - Select the users who will be reviewing documents on this project. These users will appear as suggestions when assigning documents.

  • A Preparer is the user that will be preparing the draw for review.

  • A Draw Reviewer is anyone who performs the initial review of the draw information

  • A Signatory is the one final person who views and approves the draw before funding

For more information on adding users to your account and configuring user permissions, see this article:

Collaboration & Approving Draws

As the draw information is being reviewed, there will likely be items or tasks you may want to flag to other colleagues on your team. The project dashboard has a Project Chat feature that will allow you to flag items to a specific user by @mentioning anyone on your project.

Making an @mention to a colleague will generate an automatic email notification and will display a new item under that person's project 'TO-DOS'.

For more information on this feature, see this article:

When the Preparer has completed the draw and is ready to send it to the Draw reviewer they will select the 'Ready For Review button'. This will notify the Draw Reviewer that the project is ready for review for approval.

A Draw Reviewer or Signatory on the project will have a green 'Approve Draw' button revealed at the top of their active draws. This button should be clicked after your work in the draw review process is complete.

Once all designated Draw Reviewers have approved the draw, an automatic email notification is sent to the final draw Signatory to give final draw approval before marking as funded.

Tracking Approvals

Pending or completed Approvals may be viewed under the draw Reviews tab. Completed Draw Approvals will display under the green 'APPROVED' column along with a date/time stamp of the approval, while those Draw Approvals still pending will remain under the yellow 'PENDING APPROVAL' column:

If you have a draw pending approval, you will continue to receive a Rabbet generated email prompting you to review and approve the draw in your project. You may customize your email notification settings for the automatic emails that Rabbet generates for pending draw approvals at any time.

See this article for more information on email notification settings:

After all designated approvers on the project have approved the draw, the final step is to mark the draw as funded once the funds have been disbursed for the draw.

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