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Manage Project Access Using Teams
Manage Project Access Using Teams

Teams allow users to group themselves and limit project access to the most relevant people in your account

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This article explains how using 'Teams' in Rabbet allows you to manage project access within your organization by establishing groups of users (teams) with access only to their relevant projects. This feature is useful to organizations with multiple offices or groups managing a large portfolio in Rabbet.

Getting Started

Once your organization's 'teams' have been set up in your account, you are able to select the Team associated with a project whenever a new project is added:

You are also able to select the Project Team under Project Settings > User Access after a project has already been created:

Note: The 'Project Teams' drop-down is not a default account feature. For more information on how to enable and set up teams in your account, contact Partner Success at

Once you have established which team your projects are associated with, you are now able to configure your specific user access to each team's projects by navigating to the 'Admin' page and selecting a user.

For more general information on managing user access and permissions, see this article:

Configuring Team Access

From the 'Admin' page, click on a user to reveal the slide-out details. Scroll down to the 'Project Access' section to reveal the various team groupings of the projects in your portfolio:

Here you will notice that you may grant access to all projects portfolio-wide, all projects assigned to a specific team, or specific individual projects. Be sure to 'Save' after making your selections.

Your 'User Access' table under Project Settings will now specify which users have access to this project based on their team settings:

Also, your home 'Portfolio' page will only show those projects that you have access to based on your team settings:

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