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Summary Budget Communication
Summary Budget Communication

Track your budget at the highest level with summary line items.

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For customers on our Premium Tier, Summary Budget Communication gives you the opportunity to seamlessly summarize line items for reporting to external parties while maintaining the detail required for internal budget management. This article walks through how to add summary line items to your budget.

Summary line items can be added during project creation after uploading the budget, when creating the budget, or on the project level under Budget tab.

Once you have added the 'Summary Line Items' into your budget you can view the 'Detailed Line Items' or 'Summary Line items'.

Under 'View Summary Line Items' you will now see the classification you have made in the budget for 'Fees' and 'GC' appear as one single line item.

When packaging your draw you now have the option to include 'Invoice Summary Detailed Line Items' or 'Invoice Summary/ Summary Line Items', allowing you to chose how much detailed is shared.

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