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Create a Duplicate Project
Create a Duplicate Project

How to copy existing projects in Rabbet.

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Rabbet users have the ability to create duplicates of existing projects within the Rabbet platform. This feature can be particularly useful when you want to start a new project that shares certain aspects with an existing one. However, please note that duplicating a project will not include draw documentation such as invoices or agreements.

Steps to Duplicate a Project

  1. Access Project Settings: To begin, navigate to the existing project for which you'd like to create a duplicate. Within the project details, locate and access the "Project Settings" section.

  2. Initiate Copying: In the "Project Settings," you will find the option labeled "Copy Project." This option is positioned at the bottom of the section.

  3. Confirmation Message: Upon selecting "Copy Project," a confirmation message will appear. The message will ask, "Are you sure you would like to copy this project?" It's important to be aware that copying a project will generate a new project of the same type and team. All existing project details and custom fields will be transferred to the new project.

  4. Project Creation Flow: Once confirmed, you will be guided through the project creation flow. The details for the duplicated project will automatically populate to match those of the original project.

  5. Copying Budget Line Items: Should you wish to duplicate the budget line items from the original project, begin by selecting "My Budget is Finalized."

Following this, choose "Setup Budget"

Next, you'll be prompted to select the project from which you want to copy the budget line items.

Rabbet will then retrieve the divisions and line items from the selected project. However, the line item totals will require manual input at this stage.

With the budget line items transferred, the project duplication process will continue as usual.

For a comprehensive overview of the entire project creation process, please refer to our article on Create a New Project

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