Reallocate Funds in the Budget

*Note that this transfer feature can only be used if budget amounts are reallocated between line items. If the overall budget totals have changed, please contact

1. After clicking on the project and landing on the 'Overview' tab, open the 'Active' draw for which a budget reallocation is being made.

2. Click anywhere on the line item to open the line that is being adjusted. 

3. In the slide out, click 'Transfer Funds'.

4. In the 'Transfer Line Item Funds' modal, enter the 'amount to be transferred' and the applicable 'transfer to' and 'transfer from' line items. Click 'Submit'. 

*Note that the system will default to a contingency line item (if applicable), but you can override this by changing the line item in the dropdown. 

5. After closing the line item slide out, the reallocation will appear on the draw 'Line Items' tab as 'Current Adjustments'.

*Note that you should not transfer line item funds for a draw that has already been submitted to the lender. This must be done prior to draw submission, or you must resubmit the draw again after making the adjustment.

Add Line Items to a Budget

1. After opening the active draw and landing on the 'Line Items' tab, click on 'Add Line Item'.

2. In the 'Add Line Item' modal, complete the 'Name' field and select the existing 'Division' to which the new line item should be added. Click 'Submit'.

You can also add a new ‘Division’ if desired. Simply click ‘Add New Division’ in the same modal and complete the ‘New Division Name’ field.

3. The new line item now appears in the applicable division. Utilize the 'Transfer Funds' feature to reallocate budget funds to the new line item. 

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