Share Draw Documents with Inspector

These steps are appropriate if your workflow on a given project includes sharing the draw package summary/documents directly with the construction inspector as part of the inspection process.

Option 1 - for developers

Send the draw package to the inspector. Once you have assembled the draw package and readied it for distribution, simply include the inspector as a recipient of the draw package.

Option 2 - for lenders

Lenders in Rabbet don't typically need the capability to 'Send Draw' like Developers (Borrowers). Please contact if you would like to discuss adding this feature to your organization's account. Otherwise, follow these steps to download the relevant draw documents so that they can be sent to the inspector. 

Download an Excel version of the draw summary.

Download any relevant draw document(s) that must be sent to the inspector. Select the applicable document(s) using the checkbox and click 'Download'.

Upload Inspection Reports to the Rabbet Draw 

For Lenders or Developers, these options are appropriate if your workflow includes adding an inspection report to track as the project progresses.

There are two typical methods through which inspection reports are added to Rabbet:

1. Upload the document directly if it is received through email, following the process outlined in the linked article for uploading and splitting if necessary. Make sure that 'Inspection Report' is selected as the document type, and fill in any relevant information fields in the document review modal. Click 'Save Changes'.

2. Allow inspectors to upload documents directly to Rabbet using the shareable link. If this method is used, you need to assign the document from the project level to the specific draw after the document has been added to Rabbet. You will receive a notification when documents are uploaded to your project through this method.

Utilize Automatic Rules for Inspection Reports

Rabbet allows you to assign relevant inspection information to the 'Inspection Report'. Rabbet's automatic rules pertaining to inspection reports alert you when information in the inspection report suggests concerns with the project progress.

1. Complete the applicable fields associated with the 'Inspection Report'. See this article for additional instruction. 

2. Configure the applicable rule in the project settings tab.

3. Review the results of the rule check in the draw 'Reviews' tab.

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